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Producer members are grouped into branches on the basis of the geographic location of the property where their dried fruit is produced. A large producer member may be a member of the local branch.

The formation, merger, or winding up of a branch shall be subject to the approval of the Board. A producer may be a member of more than one branch if they produce dried fruit in the geographic region of two or more branches.

Any dispute as to the geographic region served by a branch may be determined by a Branch Forum, with such determination being binding on the branches. The forum may determine that a particular location is within the geographic region of more than one branch.

Branch Forum 

Branch Forums are comprised of branch producer members (preferably branch committee members) nominated to represent the branches, large producer members and producer Board members. Branches determine how many representatives are nominated for each Branch Forum.

The forum may consider any industry related matter and refer resolutions to the Board and/or Annual General Meeting of members for further consideration and the Board shall provide a response on any such resolution

The Board will invite nominations for any Board positions due to become vacant and the Branch Forum will be responsible for considering all nominations received and selecting producer members for appointment to the Board using a weighted voting system (approved by the Board) based on dried fruit tonnages delivered from each branch region and detailed in Schedule 1 of these rules.

Following the Branch Forum selection process, the selections shall be referred to the Annual General Meeting of members for ratification. The Branch Forum shall meet at least two times per annum, with the forum at which Board nominations are considered and selections made being held within two months and not less that 21 days before the AGM.

  • Coomealla Branch
    Chairperson – Ian Murdoch
    Secretary  Jenny Eagle
  • Merbein Branch
    Chairperson  Richard Appleby
    Secretary  Malcolm Bennett
  • Mid-Murray Branch
    Chairperson  Brian Boulton
    Secretary  Debbie Batty
  • Mildura Branch
    Chairperson  Warren Lloyd
    Secretary  Ashley Johnstone
  • Pomona Branch
    Chairperson  Mark King
    Secretary  Rodney Stone
  • Red Cliffs Branch
    Chairperson  Michael Dubois
    Secretary  Kay Grivec
  • Robinvale Branch
    Secretary  Bev Harbinson

  • SA State Council
    Chairperson  Phil Sims
    Secretary  Tony Loffler