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Interesting facts

The ancient Egyptians believed that the more important a man was, the more of his wealth should be buried with him for his journey to the afterlife. Dried fruit was a highly valued commodity and when ancient Egyptian kings died, dried fruits were buried in their tombs with their treasures.
Throughout history, dried grapes have been highly prized. They were used to pay taxes in the days of King David.
Centuries before the ancient Egyptian kings built their temples, tombs and pyramids, it was discovered that the fruits clinging to vines (grapes) took on a pleasing flavour as they dried.
At the dawn of civilisation, the people of Mesopotamia bartered their dried fruits for other commodities.
Dried grapes were romantic love tokens in olden-day France.
Raisin cakes were festive foods for the ancient Israelites. When David became king of Israel, the military captains of the twelve tribes ate and drank with their warriors for three full days in celebration of their victory. It is recorded that they enjoyed among other foods, clusters of raisins.