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Meet the grower



Allan is an industry innovator and he believes that innovation and drive for excellence set Australian growers apart from their overseas counterparts.

Convinced that you can't continue to do things the same way for 70 or 80 years and make it work, Allan often trials new varieties and growing techniques on his property. He also works on improving the machinery and technology that growers work with and his skills have been recognised with an award for a new trellis system he developed for drying fruit.

Allan has always worked in the dried fruits industry, having started his working life at Sunbeam Foods. He always wanted to be a grower however, and he bought his farm more than 30 years ago. Together with his wife Coreena, he grows 55 acres of dried fruit, mostly sultanas. He starts harvesting in late January and produces around 150 tonnes of fruit, all dried on the farm.

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