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Meet the grower



A third-generation farmer, Brian began his career as a dried fruit grower more than 50 years ago when he left school at the age of 16. At that stage, he was helping his father on the farm and working for other growers, but Brian's future was sealed when aged just 21, he lost his father and was left with responsibility for the Mid-Murray family property.

Brian took over management of the farm and began buying neighbouring properties as they came on the market. Now he has 97 acres producing between 80 and 130 tonnes of fruit each year, depending on the season. He grows mostly sultanas, but also a small area of sunmuscats and currants. All Brian's fruit is dried on the trellis where it grows. Two sets of dehydrator bins are then used to finish drying and some days, both run with 24 half-tonne bins per unit.

Brian's son Brendan works with him and his wife Iris looks after administration. A typical day on the farm depends on the time of year and could include activities like monitoring soil moisture and irrigation, maintenance of equipment including tractors and a harvester, pruning the vines and harvesting.

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