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Meet the grower



Stephen was born and raised in the dried fruit industry, but his involvement in the family farm was by no means certain. He completed a mechanical engineering degree and worked for a few years in Mildura and Melbourne before deciding that office and city life weren’t for him and returning to the family property.

Stephen had watched his parents work very hard and it was the prospect of modernising the farm that drew him back. Together with his brother Malcolm, he expanded the 44-acre original block with an additional 20 acres across the road, replaced old vines and modernised the irrigation system. 

While the original homestead, built more than 100 years ago by Stephen’s great grandfather, is still a gracious presence on the farm, it is the only old-fashioned feature of the now highly modernised fruit growing operation. They grow currants, sultanas, Sunmuscats and Sunglo, and all their fruit is dried on the farm.

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