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Bleeding sap from field-grown vines of Sultana, growing either on their own roots, or grafted to the rootstocks Salt Creek or 1613, were assayed for cytokinin activity.

Levels of activity were compared with the yields of fruit obtained from the same groups of vines.

All three types of plants contained two principal cytokinins, of which one was presumed to be a nucleoside of the other.

Rootstock effects on the yield of Sultana vines are discussed in relation to the cytokinin content of the sap and the known effects of synthetic cytokinins on fruit set in grape vines.

A Comparative Study of Cytokinin Levels in Bleeding Sap of Vitis vinifera (L.) and the Two Grapevine Rootstocks, Salt Creek and 1613

1972, Journal of Experimental Botany, vol 23, issue 75, month 5, pages 283 – 293

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