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To examine reasons for variations, most notably in yield, in Sultana, sexual progeny of the clones previous used in a reciprocal grafting trial that had failed to identify the cause were compared.

It is known that in Vitis vinifera plants raised from seeds have an excellent state of health, therefore, only genetic effects should be responsible for any significant differences revealed between progenies.

The sexual progenies of three Sultana clones were significantly different from each other in their average berry weight.

Their relative ranks for this character are the same from one year to the other. It was found the phenotype of Sultana clones may be used to forecast the average berry size in their progeny from crosses with another variety, provided these clones are free of leaf-roll virus.

A Study of Sexual Progenies of Bicane X sultana (Vitis vinifera L.) Evidence for Genetic Differences between Sultana Clones in Berry Weight


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