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Abscisic Acid (ABA) advanced the onset of ripening of field-grown ‘Doradillo’ grapes when sprayed on bunches for 5 consecutive days starting eleven days before normal veraison. Earlier and later application had no effect.

Veraison of glasshouse grown ‘Shiraz’ grapes was advanced by peduncle injection of ABA for six days preceeding normal veraison; ABA had little effect when applied two to three weeks before normal veraison.

Endogenous ABA concentrations in the pericarp of untreated ‘Doradillo’ graped increased slowly during the first part the slow growth berry stage and then more rapidly with the approach of veraison. Exogenous applications of ABA led to sustained increase in the endogenous concentrations of ABA. Benzothiazole-2-oxyacetic acid applied eleven days before veraison delayed veraison and depressed endogenous concentration of ABA.

Abscisic Acid – An Effect on the Ripening of Grapes

1974, Mechanisms of Regulation of Plant Growth, vol 12, pages 831 – 836

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