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Sultana vines on Mallee soils in the Mildura district show a high boron content, which frequently reaches toxicity levels.

The concentration of boron in the vine is related to the soil type. Boron accumulated principally in the lamina of the leaf, where there is a rapid increase in concentration during the growing season. Symptoms of boron toxicity on sultana leaves are described.

Agricultural tile drains play a big part in keeping boron concentrations below toxicity levels, with drainage water commonly showing 5 ppm boron.

Data collected suggest that applications of sulphate of ammonia and superphosphate tend to increase the level of boron in sultana leaves.

Boron Content of Sultana Vines in the Mildura Area

1958, Australian Journal of Agricultural Research, vol 9, issue 1, pages 123 – 128, plate.

csiro 1958-2

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