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Both chlorophyll and photosynthetic activity were found in mature woody, as well as immature, vine canes.

The formation of chlorophyll was light-dependent, however, the level of pigment in mature canes was  undiminished after storage in the dark for at least 10 months at 4oC, and at least 70 days at glasshouse air temperature.

Photosynthetic activity was observed in both immature and mature shoots.

The level of CO2 assimilation was insufficient to cause a net reduction in the CO2 concentration of a passing air stream, but the efflux of respiratory CO2 was reduced in the light.

The chlorophyllous tissue within the stem was thus able to refix photosynthetically some respiratory CO2.

Chlorophyll Content and Photosynthetic Activity within Woody Shoots Of Vitis vinifera L.

1971, Photosynthetica, vol 5, issue 1, pages 22 – 27

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