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This article describes the application of a chlorophyll fluorescence technique to study grapevine responses to salt and water stress.
Part of this research was supported by the Dried Fruits Research Committee.

Practically all life on earth depends upon the process of photosynthesis for its existence.

Photosynthesis involves the capture of sunlight by the green chlorophyll pigments housed within the chloroplasts of leaves and the subsequent use of this light energy to convert carbon dioxide absorbed from the atmosphere into carbohydrate.

These carbohydrates provide the basic building blocks upon which plant growth and yield depend. During photosynthesis light energy also results in water being split to liberate the oxygen which we breathe.

Chlorophyll Fluorescence Study sheds light on Grapevine Responses to Salt Stress

1984, Dried Fruit News, vol 13, issue 1, month 9, pages 10 – 11

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