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A method is described for the in vitro propagation of grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) from fragmented shoot apices, which has the potential for producing many thousands of plants from a single apex between one growing season and the next.

Apical fragments were grown in a liquid culture medium with cytokinin but in the absence of auxin.

Transfer of the differentiated fragments to the same medium solidified with agar resulted in shoot masses which could be repeatedly subcultured.

Plantlets were successfully transferred to the glasshouse and subsequently to the field.

The technique has also been used for a range of Vitis species and hybrids and is considered to have promise for the commercial clonal propagation of grapevine.

Micropropagtion of Grapevine

1980, International Plant Propagators’ Society Combined Proceedings, vol 30, pages 564-570

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