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The earliest reported fertiliser response trials on irrigated Sultana (syn. Thompson Seedless) grapevines (Vitis vinifera’L.) in Australia were conducted during the 1930s (Walters 1942).

An additional 457 kg/ha.year of dried vine fruit (DVF) was obtained when vines were supplied with 80 kg N/ha.year in early spring as ammonium sulfate in comparison to vines not supplied with nitrogen (N). Fertilised vines had more and heavier bunches than unfertilised vines (Walters 1942).

It is not clear from this work whether the bunch number effect was due to higher fruitfulness per se or whether there were effects on the number of suitable bearers, node numbers per bearer, or the proportion of nodes to burst.

Effect of Moisture Adjustment on Weight of Dried Fruit

2001, Dried Fruits News, vol 28, issue 2, month 6, pages 6

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