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Salinity treatments were applied through a drip-irrigation system to four year old vines of own-rooted Sultana and Sultana on Ramsey rootstock.

The effects of salinity and rootstock on yield, size and composition of berries, canopy size, lamina CO2 assimilation, leaf water relations and lamina ion concentrations were studied between verison and harvest during the second season of salinity treatments.

The research demonstrated the benefit of using Ramsey rootstock for Sultana under saline field conditions and provided an physiological explanation for their higher salt tolerance.

Effect of salinity and Ramsey rootstock on ion concentrations and carbon dioxide assimilation in leaves of drip-irrigated, field-grown grapevines (Vitis vinifera L. cv. Sultana)

1997, Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research, vol 3, pages 66-74

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