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“””The paper reports an effect of foliar application of abscisic acid on inflorescence growth in non-rooted vine cuttings. Three successive foliar applications of ABA produced marked but variable differences in inflorescence growth between treated and control plants. There was continued development in up to 35% of inflorescences in treated plants, and 8 out of 250 treated plants subsequently bore fruit. None of the infiorescences of control plants survived to anthesis.

These results suggest that compensatory growth of inflorescences resulted from the reduced protein synthetic rate of leaves following applications of ABA. In these experiments it is suggested that foliar applications of ABA produced a cytokinin-sparing effect since inflorescences were retained by many plants; an effect hither to found only when inflorescences were treated with exogenous cytokinin. The results presented here indicate the possibility of modiying the potency of metabolic sinks within a plant in two ways.”””

Effects Of Abscisic Acid On Growth Correlation In Vitis vinifera L.

1970, Australian Journal of Biological Sciences, vol 23, pages 479 – 483

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