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The effect of temperature on development of ‘Cabernet Sauvignon’ berries was examined in growth cabinets beginning three weeks after flowering and terminating six weeks after the start of stage III.

High temperature (35/30oC) reduced the amount and duration of berry growth in stage I and lengthened stage II by inhibiting onset of stage III.

Final berry size was irreversibly reduced by high temperature during stage I.

Duration of stage II was also lengthen by lowering day/night temperature. Maximium berry size was attained most rapidly at the intermediate temperature.

Variations in berry weight, total soluble solids and acidity are examined.

Effects of Temperature on Ontogeny of Berries of Vitis Vinifera L. cv. Cabernet Sauvignon

1974, American Journal of Enology and Viticulture, vol 99, issue 5, month 9

csiro 344

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