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Reproducable differences in yield between individual Sultana vines have been demonstrated in the Murray Vallley, Australia. Such differences should not have been expected because all Sultana plantings in Australia appear to be derived from only eight vines.

A possible cause of variation may be the level of viral infection, however while this cannot be ignored mutations have occurred in Australian Sultana and high yields might be mutants and not just low in virus.

One component of yield is berry size and two vines with significantly smaller berry size had been identified during a trial on pruning and disbunching.

This paper reports on two field trials, one to determine whether the difference was reproducible on propagation and the second to determine if a graft transmissible agent was responsible for the smaller berries.

Evidence for Genetic Difference in Berry Weight between Sultana Vines

1973, Sonderdruck aus der Zeitschrift ‘Vitis’, vol 12, pages 16-22

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