In this article:

Describes an investigation into the distribution, differentiation and development of fruit buds of the Sultana vine.

It was found:
(1) the yield capacity of the sultana is limited in many seasons by the small number of fruit buds present,
(2) only 55% to 60% of buds present on the vine at the end of winter develop into shoots in spring, and 56% to 75% of those bear fruit
(3) the proportions of buds which develop into shoots is least at the base of the cane and increases towards the distal end, and a higher proportion develop on medium length canes compared to long canes,
(4) proportion of fruit buds in low towards the base of the cane, increases progressively outwards and fall off towards the distal end,
(5) seasonal variation in the proportion of fruit buds present is largely dependent upon the number of fruit buds formed on the distal half of the cane, and
(6) for the season of investigation basal buds were differentiated by about 12th November, while for buds of the 16th node the date was 11th December.

Fruit Bud Studies: I, The Sultana. An Analysis of the Distribution and Behaviour of the Buds of the Sultana Vine, together with an Account of the Differentiation and Development of the Fruit Buds

1932, Journal of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, vol 5, pages 47 – 52

csiro 1932-3

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