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The results of a study of the differentiation and development of the fruit buds of the sultana vine.
It is shown
(1) tendril and inflorescence primordia differentiate from  morphologically similar anlagen,
(2) the development of anlagen as inflorescence primordia or as tendril primordia is correlated with the time of season during which growth of the anlagen occurs,
(3) a transition form, occuring when an anlagen which had just begun to aquire the inflorence mode of growth prior to winter recommences growth in spring, is identified, and
(4) differentiation of the flowers of the inflorescence occurs as the buds are openning in spring and prohibits further ramification of the inflorescence.

Fruit Bud Studies. II. The Sultana: Differentiation and Development of the Fruit Buds

1933, Journal of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, vol 6, iss 4, month 11, pages 285 – 294, 2 Plates

csiro 1933-1

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