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Some relationships between shoot growth, the accumulation of starch and nitrogen, the current year’s crop, the crop of the following season, and fruit bud formation in sultana are discussed on the basis of experimental data.

The correlation between yield and vegetative vigour, and potential ways yield capacity could be increased, is discussed. Morphological characteristic of pruned canes in relation to bud fertility are examined, as is the association between starch content of the annual wood and bud formation.

Depression of shoot growth and retardation of starch accumulation as a potential result of the current year’s crop is discussed.

Fruit Bud Studies. III. The Sultana: Some Relations Between Shoot Growth, Chemical Composition, Fruit Bud Formation and Yield

1937, Journal of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (Australia), vol 10, iss 2, month 5, pages 143 – 157

csiro 1937-2

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