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Disbudded sections were prepared from 1-year-old vine canes which had been collected during the winter and stored at 1oC.

Elects of indole-3yl-acetic acid, gibberellic acid, and 6-benzy-lamino purine on the rate of sugar release into effluent solutions passed longitudinally through the sections were measured.

Of the three hormones tested, indole-3yl-acetic acid was the most effective in promoting sugar release, but in all cases the largest effects on sugar release were associated with an hormonal stimulation of cambial activity.

Treatments which led to an increased outflow of sugar also resulted in a lower extractable starch level at the end of treatment.

The results are discussed in relation to hormone effects on sugar outflow, starch dissolution, and cambial activation. It is concluded that starch dissolution is predominantly a consequence of hormonal influence on cambial activation.

Hormonal effects on Sugar Release from Vine Canes

1971, Annals of Botany, vol 35, pages 277 – 286

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