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Calibrating spray volumes in grapevines using row-volume methods allows the selected spray volume to reflect the 3-dimensional size (m3) of canopy that will be sprayed rather than the 2- dimensional ground area on which the crop stands.

The row-volume method also helps the user to scale up the spray volume to reflect vine growth during the season. Unit Canopy Row (UCR) is a row-volume method for calibrating that removes row width from calculations and is well received by grape growers.

Field trials were conducted in seven grapevine canopies in January 2000 to assess whether UCR is suited to calculating the spray volumes required by the large, asymmetric Swingarm canopies used in mechanised dried fruit production. Final report to Horticulture Australia project no DAV 90 (DG02001)

How much is enough? A keystone issue to align dried fruit production with the policy and technology of spraying in the 21st century

DG02001 – How much is enough A MacGregor

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