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Growth retardation by (2-chloroethyl) trimethylammonium chloride (CCC) is normally explained in terms of its effect on the biosynthesis of endogenous gibberellins.

However, the stimulation by this substance of fruit set in Vitis vinifera is not so readily interpreted on this basis, and it is evident that growth retardants exert other effects in addition to influencing gibberellin biosynthesis.

Paper-chromatogramed extracts of bleeding sap from grapevines treated with (CCC) contained higher levels of substances with cytokinin activity than did untreated plants.

With the chromatographic solvent used, CCC was unlikely to interfere with the expression of the cytokinin response.

Increases in Levels of Cytokinins in Bleeding Sap of Vitis vinifera L. after CCC Treatment

1968, Science, vol 159, month 3, pages 1447 – 1478

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