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Cincturing is not satisfactory as a means of  increasing the yield of dried fruit from the Sultana.

The trials reported in this paper indicate that some growth regulator sprays may be satisfactory for this purpose.

Berry weight in the Sultana was significantly increased, in the absence of any form of thinning, by spraying with gibberellic acid or 2,3,4-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid about ten days after full bloom.

Fruit set, fruit bud formation and bud burst did not appear to be affected and sugar concentration was only slightly reduced.

Yields of fresh and dried fruit would therefore be increased by such sprays.

No residual effects were noted after a single treatment or after three years of treatment.

Increasing the Yield Dried Fruit from the Sultana with Growth Regulators

1967, Vitis, vol 3, month 8, pages 288 – 293

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