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Both environmental factors and manipulative treatments were found to alter gaseous diffusion resistances in grape vine foliage.

These responses have been analysed in terms of the hormonal physiology of Vitas Vinifera L. leaf tissues.

Environmental factors contributing towards increased stomatal resistances were correlated with increased levels of abscisic acid and phaseic acid in mature foliage. Conversely treatments lowering stomatal were associated with lower levels of ABA and PA.

The increase in endogenous ABA was not a result of decreased leaf water potential.

It is proposed that changes in in endogenous levels of ABA, and possibly PA, constitute a mechanism for regulating gas exchange in these plants.

Internal Control of Stomatal Physiology and Photosynthesis. I. Stomatal Regulation and Associated Changes in Endogenous Levels of Absicisic and Phaseic Acid

1974, Australian Journal of Plant Physiology, vol 1, pages 407-415

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