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This paper describes experiments on the utilisation of 14C-sugars and organic acids by immature grape berries. Individual intact excised immature Sultana berries were supplied through the cut pedicel with 14C-sugars and organic acids.

When 14C-hexoses were suppled malic and tartaric acids accounted for 25% and 10% of the total activity extracted after 24 hours, and sucrose was synthesised.

It is proposed that the changes in the levels of organic acids during ripening are related to changes in the ability of the berry to synthesise them.

Although administration of uniformly labelled sucrose resulted in the unequal labelling of glucose and fructose, the results indicate breakdown of sucrose by invertase.

It is suggested that the route of entry of the pedicel-fed sugars into the berry may be different from the route taken by sugar translocated from the leaf.

Metabolism of Sugars and Organic Acids in Immature Grape Berries

1968, Plant Physiololgy, vol 43, issue 2, month 2, pages 224 – 228

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