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The main purpose of this project (no. DG12700) was to enable representatives from all sectors of the Australian dried grape industry to observe at first hand the management practices and technologies being employed by one of the world’s leading producer of dried grapes. The study tour group wanted to assess various aspects of the Californian raisin industry, including:

How production levels have been maintained , while total raisin plantings have fallen;
The likely impact of increased prices on grower planting intentions and gain an understanding of factors at play inhibiting new investment to date;

The continuing mechanisation of production systems and increased production of trellis dried fruit Due to the similarities in production systems, the Californian industry potentially offers information of more use to Australian growers, relating to new varieties, on-farm cultural practices, trellis systems, irrigation systems and other R&D results The Study Tour had a broad focus and included visits to farms, processing plants, meetings with researchers, processor/marketers and others involved in the Californian industry.

Californian raisin industry study tour 2013

DG12700 – Californian Raisin Industry Study Tour 2013

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