The Australian dried grape industry strives for innovation, ensuring its processes are efficient, sustainable and fair.

Dried Grape Production Innovation and Adoption Program 2021-2026

Funded by Hort Innovation using the dried grape industry research and development levy and contributions from the Australian Government

Productivity and profitability remain key to the long-term sustainability of the Australian dried grape industry. Delivery of key information and developments on innovative new research and development, particularly around production methodologies, education on specific viticultural requirements, and climate predictions, will be pivotal in ensuring adoption and uptake across the sector and will assist new entrants with larger scale developments. This project will facilitate information provision on production efficiencies and improvements to maintain and build industry sustainability and capacity.

Dried Grape Industry Communications Program

Funded by Hort Innovation using the dried grape industry research and development levy and contributions from the Australian Government

This project continues to maintain and improve communication with dried grape growers and other industry stakeholders. By keeping the industry up-to-date on research and development, news, events and other critical information, its goal is to facilitate the uptake of R&D by industry and support decision making in dried fruit businesses.

Generating agtech capacity to increase high yielding dried grape production – 10 Tonne Project (complete)

Funded by the Australian Government under the Murray-Darling Basin Economic Development Program

Through the set up and monitoring of four proof-of-concept sites over four years, this project will add to capacity in the dried grape industry to invest in and utilise innovative agtech systems, leading to production increases and economic growth. Focussing on irrigation, pest and disease monitoring and nutritional requirements, the objective is to consistently achieve 10 tonnes per hectare across a range of vineyard sizes and production years.

Seasonal Workforce Industry Support Program (complete)

Funded by the Victorian Government

This project focuses on two distinct areas regarding dried grape winter pruning and seasonal workforce requirements. Firstly, it will provide information for seasonal workers on labour needs required for the pruning of dried grape vines through a promotional video and brochure.

Mechanisation of winter pruning is developing rapidly, and through this project information will be provided to industry stakeholders on the mechanisation process so growers may be less reliant on a seasonal workforce into the future.

Traceability Project (complete)

Funded by the Australian Government

Developing real-time traceability in the dried fruits supply chain is critical in satisfying export market Maximum Residue Level (MRL) compliance. By transitioning producers to an online spray diary system, supported by training, the industry will have further ability to readily adapt and comply with MRL changes in export markets.

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