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DFRDC final report for project DAV 71F

In July 1992, the Dried Fruits Research and Development Council funded a three year project on the reduced use of chemicals in the production of dried fruit.

The objectives of the project were to

( 1) reduce the use of chemicals for the control of diseases and pests of dried vine fruit,
(2) adapt powdery mildew management strategies developed for the wine industry to the dried fruits industry, and incorporate the results of overseas research,
(3) produce a practical integrated pest management (IPM) program with reduced chemical use utilising simulators for downy mildew, powdery mildew and lightbrown apple moth and information on other pests and diseases, and
(4) evaluate and refine the practical IPM program over a period of three years on grower properties, extend benefits of the program to the dried fruits industry and encourage wider adoption.

Reduced use of chemicals in production of dried vine fruit



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