The responses of grapevines (Vitis vinifera L.), ungrafted and grafted to Ramsey rootstock, to saline irrigation have been investigated in drip-irrigated trials at Loxton, Dareton and Merbein, in the RIverland-Sunraysia region.

Characteristics of the soils were monitored in relation to sality treatments.

The treatments involved application of defined irrigation water salinities throughout the season at Merbein and Dareton, while at Loxton a high salinity treatment was applied between flowering and veraison with low salinity being applied in the remainder pf the season. Trials were carried out over five seasons.

This paper reviews the factors controlling the relationships between the salinity of water and the osmotic and toxic effects with regards to differences between the 3 experiments.

Response of grapevines to irrigation-induced saline sodic soil conditions

Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture, 2002, vol 42, pages 323-331

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