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Field-grown vines of cv. Sultana on either their own roots or grafted to a range of rootstocks, were drip irrigated at one of three salinity levels (0.40, 1.75 and 3.50 dS/m) over a five year period. Rootstocks were Ramsey, 1103 Paulsen, J17-69 and 4 hybrids (designated R1, R2, R3 and R4) derived from parentage involving Vitis champini, V. berlandieri and V. vinifera.  The study has shown that over a 5 year period rootstocks such as Ramsey, 1103 Paulsen, and R2 grafted with Sultana were tolerant of salinity, producing dried grapes of generally high quality.

Rootstock Effects on Salt Tolerance of Irrigated Field Grown Grapevines (Vitis vinifera L cv. Sultana) 3. Fresh Fruit Composition and Dried Grape Quality

Australian Journal of Grape and WIne Research, 2007, vol 13, pages 130-141

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