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ADPglucose: α-1,4-glucan α-4-glucosyltransferase (starch synthetases) from leaves of Vitas vinifera and leaves and kernels of Zea mays were chromatographed on DEAE-cellulose columns.

One form of the enzyme was present in grape leaves having activity both in the presence and absence of primer. Two forms were present in both leaves and kernels of maize.

The peak of activity in maize leaves and the first peak in maize kernels synthesized a polyglucan in the absence of primer.

A peak of branching enzyme (Q-enzyme) occurred between the two starch synthetase peaks with both tissues.

When fractions containing starch synthetase and branching enzyme were added to the first leaf starch synthetase peak, up to 100 fold activation of the unprimed reaction occurred.

Branching enzyme did not stimulate the unprimed activity of the first kernel peak and no branching enzyme could be detected in this peak.

Starch Synthetises from Vitis vinifera and Zea mays

1973, Phytochemistry, vol 13, pages 893-900

csiro 328

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