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Grape berries have a slight but measureable photosynthetic activity which falls as the berry grows.

The purpose of this investigation was to establish whether stomata, to permit gas exchange, occur on the surfaces of ovaries and berries.

Further, the cells of ovaries and berries were examined to see whether they contained starch granules. In ovaries and young berries stomata were detected by the presence of starch grains in their guard cells.

In older berries lenticels formed beneath the stomata. At anthesis most cells of the pericarp of grape berries contained starch granules.

These disappeared as the berries grew, and at maturity they were present only in the epidermis and a few layers of sub epidermal cells.

Stomata and Starch in Grape Berries

1973, Sonderdruck aus der Zeitschrift ‘Vitis’, vol 12, pages 38 -45

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