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Adventitious shoots were induced on apical fragments of the grapevine, cv. Meunier, a presumptive periclinal chimera. Plants derived from apical culture were of three types: (i) phenotypically resembling Meunier, (ii) bearing tomentose leaves with comparatively hairless sectors, and (iii) with completely non tomentose shoots phenotypically similar to Pinot noir.

These results establish that adventitious buds of grapevine produced by this method are multicellular in origin and are not derived from single cells.

Furthermore, it is concluded that fragmented shoot apex culture of grapevine periclinal chimeras disturbs the integrity of apical tissue allowing separation of component genotypes.

Fragmented apex culture of such chimeras is not recommended where trueness to type is of prime importance.

However, circumstances under which this technique may be usefully applied to separate chimeral genotypes are discussed.

Studies of the Fragmented Shoot Apex of Grapevine. IV. Separation of Phenotypes in a Periclinal Chimera In Vitro

1983, Journal of Experimental Botany, vol 34, issue 10, month 10, pages 1271-1280

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