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A pruning experiment is described in which the number of buds per vine was varied by varying the number of canes retained, with the number of buds per cane being held constant.

Effect on bud burst, bunch number, weight of fresh fruit, sugar content, number of mature buds, yield is discussed.

It is concluded that by regulating the number of canes according to the potential fruitfulness found by microscopical examination before pruning, overloading can be avoided in very fruitful seasons and the crop can be improved in years of low fruitfulness.

However, complete uniformity of crop from year to year cannot be achieved.

Studies on the sultana vine. IV. A Pruning Experiment with Number of Buds per Vine Varied, Number of Buds per Cane Constant

1956, Australian Journal of Agricultural Research, vol 7, issue 5, pages 401 – 413

csiro 1956-1

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