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Further studies on the course of bud burst were made on three sites in the Sunraysia district and the effect of three times of pruning on time of bursting was investigated over a period of three seasons.
The largest differences in time of bursting were between seasons, with smaller differences between sites and an interaction between sites and seasons.
The trends of the bud position means for time of bursting, bud burst, and fruitful shoots on the one site on heavy soil differed from the other two sites on sandy soils which were very similar.
The three sets of deviations appeared to be related. Data obtained on the proportion of buds producing two shoots suggested that this was positively related to nitrogen.

Studies on the Sultana Vine. V. Further Studies on the Course of Bud Burst with Reference to Time of Pruning

1957, Australian Journal of Agricultural Research, vol 8, issue 1, pages 15 – 23

csiro 1957-1

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