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Previous papers (Shaulis & May 1971, May et al. 1973) described the response of Sultana grapevines to modifications of shoot crowding with the foliage canopy. Components of yield influenced by bud development increased as shoot crowding decreased, and conversely shoot exposure to sunlight increased.

However there was no information available on specific environmental conditions of individual shoots within the general environment of the grapevine during bud formation.

Thus it was not possible to determine whether the effects were due to a ‘pooled’ effect on the vine as a whole or to responses of individual shoots.

The experiment descibed in this present paper was designed to answer this question.

Sultana vines were trained in such a way that the aerial environment was varied for canes arising on the same vine during both the season of bud formation and of fruit ripening.

Sultana (Vitis vinifera L) Canes and their Exposure to Light

1976, Donderdruck aus der Zeitschrift Vitas, vol 14, pages 278-288

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