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The surface wax of the drying grape sultana has been examined using the technique of scanning electron microscopy.

The wax layers of both untreated fresh grapes and of dried grapes were similar, and consisted of an elaborate series of overlapping platelets orientated in all directions.

By contrast the wax platelets of grapes that had been dipped in commercial dips known to accelerate drying were closely adpressed to the berry surface.

The wax platelets of grapes which had been emulsion-dipped and then washed with distilled water were similar in appearance to those of untreated grapes.

The reversible change in wax platelet orientation has not been described before and it is suggested that it may affect the dissemination of water from cuticular surfaces.

Surface Wax Structure in Fresh And Dried Sultana Grapes

1972, Annals of Botany, vol 36, issue 148, month 11, pages 993 – 996

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