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Experimental work on the physiology of fruiting in woody plants is often made difficult by the large size of most mature fruit trees and vines. Hitherto, dormant one-year-old vine cuttings were unsuitable as a source of test-plants because inflorescence growth often ceases soon after bud burst.

The rachis fails to elongate, and further differentiation of individual flowers is attenuated.

Experiments were carried out to detect the cause of failure of inflorescence growth in vine cuttings.

Details of a technique that was been developed for producing useful test plants are provided.

The results suggest that test plants may be of particular value in the initial evaluation of effects of new growth substances on fruiting in vines.

Test-Plants for Investigations of the Physiology of Fruiting in Vitis vinifera L.

1966, Nature, vol 209, issue 5021, month 1, pages 419 – 420

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