Because of limitation of sail salt analysis it is considered valuable to further study the chloride status of the vine as an idex of soil salt status.

Vine health is further studied to examine the intergrated effect of soil salts and the salt absorption process on the grape vine (with particular focus on seasonal accumulation of chloride in the leaves and petioles), to note whether absorption of sulphur, boron or sodium influences the relation between chloride level in the vine and manifest salt symptoms, and to note the effect of several sites on the relation between the chloride status of the vine and salt symptoms.

The research indicates the suitability of petiole chloride analysis to illustrate the movements of soil salts with continued irrigation is indicated.

The Chloride Status of the Irrigated Sultana Vine and its Relation to Vine Health

Australian Journal of Agricultural Research, 1956, vol 7, iss 5, pages 414 – 427

csiro 1956-2

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