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In a previous paper (May 1960) an experiment was described where the direction of growth of the shoot had greatly influenced the fruitfulness of its buds, in respect to both number and size of inflorescences.

The present paper describes the continuation of this work, in which the effect of direction of shoot growth on bud fruitfulness was tested and confirmed in more detail, the applicability of the findings to commercial production investigated, and possible reasons for the partial failure of this attempt explained experimentally.

It is concluded that increased fruitfulness will result from measures which improve the vigour of shoots, such as vertical training, preservation of the shoot tip, or prevention of early trailing of the shoot; and that shoots which have grown horizontally should be avoided as pruning canes.

The Effect of Direction of Shoot Growth on Fruitfulness and Yield of Sultana Vines

1966, Australian Journal of Agricultural Research, vol 17, pages 479 – 490

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