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The paper describes an experiment in which berry number per plant was varied and effects on various components of the sink were measured.

Root and berry dry weight, as well as rate of berry growth, were unaffected by treatment, dry weight per unit length of shoot and trunk and sugar level in trunks somewhat reduced, and starch level in trunks most severely affected.

These results are in contrast with those of an earlier experiment in which it was observed that a progressive reduction in retained leaf number affected root dry weight most severely, followed by berry development, starch and sugar levels of shoots and finally dry weight per unit length of shoots.

Thus the effect of reducing leaf area (source size) was not the same as increasing crop load (sink size).

The effect of varying the Berry Number on Gordo Grape Vines with Constant Leaf Area

1968, Sonderdruck aus der Zeitschrift ‘Vitis’, vol 7, pages 299 – 302

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