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This article reports data from vineyard surveys and controlled glasshouse trials concerning the variation in chloride accumulation in shoot tissues of hybrid vines. Patterns of variation within hybrid offspring have demonstrated that chloride exclusion is inherited and is controlled either by the action of a single gene or by many genes depending on the cultivars selected as parents.

Data in the article was collected from hybrids from crosses between either Vitis champini or V. berlandieri and cultivars of V. vinifera.

Data from a glasshouse trial involving hybrids from the Ramsey x Sultana offspring supported a many-gene-theory for chloride exclusion in Ramsey.

Vitis berlandieri however displays a major dominant gene related to chlorine exclusion.

The significance of these differences and potential roles in future breeding programs is discussed.

The Genetic Basis for Salt Exclusion in Grapevines

1987, The Australian Grapegrower and Winemaker, month 4, pages 75-78

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