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The article describes experimental work dealing with summer treatments of the sultana vines.

Tipping, topping, disbudding and cincturing were carried out on mature vines on their own root systems. It was found the reaction of the sultana to tipping and topping depends upon the severity of the treatment and vigour of the vine, however all forms of summer pruning are distinctly detrimental to young vines and undesirable even for vigourous vines.

Cane cincturing, while causing an increase in yield during the first season, leads to declines in production and vigour during subsequent seasons.

Disbudding early in the season does not appreciably influence growth or yield, however if carried out late in the season it is equivalent to partial defoliation and results in a reduction in yield.

The Influence of Tipping, Topping, Cincturing, and Disbudding on Growth and Yield in the Sultana Vine

csiro 1937-1

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