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The concentration of sugars and starch in seeds and fruits is controlled, in part, by the activities of enzymes involved in the synthesis and breakdown of carbohydrates. Methods are described for the extraction of enzymes from fruit containing tannins or acids.

Different activities of sucrose synthetase, sucrose phosphatase and invertase in seed and fruit tissues partially account for the different concentrations of sucrose and reducing sugars.

The very low activities of ADPG pyrophosphorylase and ADPG starch synthetase in grape berries can account for the almost complete lack of starch in these organs.

Inhibition of sucrose phosphatase by sucrose and the stimulation of ADPG pyrophosphorylase by phosphorylated intermediates could well play a role in the control of sucrose and starch concentration in fruits and seeds.

The Metabolism of Sugar and Starch in Fruit

1974, Mechanisms of Regulation of Plant Growth, vol 12, pages 819 – 822

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