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A relatively simple and inexpensive apparatus has been developed for the rapid determination of the surface contamination of dried vine fruits by grit. Up to 80 measurements can be made in an 8-hour day by a semi-skilled operator.

Grit is separated from samples (200g) of dried fruit by sieving, and grit particles greater than 50 µm diameter are collected on a small sieve.

After separation of organic matter and grit in a saturated solution of potassium carbonate the height of grit in a tube of diameter 2 mm gives an index of the grit content of the fruit.

Values obtained with the gritometer show significant correlation with values obtained using a previously accepted slower method.

The Siro Gritometer For Determination Of The Grit Content Of Dried Vine Fruits

1970, Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, iss 21, month 2, pages 76 – 79

csiro 173

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