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The potential yield of sultanas growing in the Sunraysia Irrigation Area is estimated from the fruitfulness of a sample of approximately 750 buds. The result is, in most seasons, representative not only for Sunraysia, but also for all the sultana growing areas along the Murray.

The examination is carried out by collecting buds from bud positions 4, 9, and 14 from 25 vineyards and inspecting them microscopically by successive decapitation. Microscopical examination of buds is compared with a method of forced growth which allows examination by naked eye.

Forecasting fruiting potential is mainly intended to give a reliable guide to severity of pruning, particularly by recognising years of abnormally low fruitfulness.

Examination of dormant buds from vineyards damaged by such mishaps as frost, hail, inundation, or disease is helpful in assessing the extent of the damage of fruitfulness.

The Value of an Estimate of Fruiting Potential in the Sultana

1961, Vitis, vol 3, issue 1, pages 15 – 26

csiro 1961-7

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