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Volatile compounds were isolated from fresh Sultana grapes, from pale golden-brown sultanas prepared by drying on racks after treatment with a commercial dipping solution, and from dark brown sultanas dried in sunlight without dipping.

The fresh grape volaiiies were found in the dipped sultanas, but not in the undipped sultanas. Undipped sultanas contained considerable amounts of furfural and related compounds which were present in relatively small amounts in the dipped sultanas.

It is suggested that these compounds, commonly associated with non-enzymic browning, may account for the malty caramel like aroma of the undipped sultanas and that their production is inhibited by the drying conditions given to the dipped sultanas.

The dipped sultanas contained several carbonyl compounds which were not observed in the undipped sultanas.

Volatile Compounds in Dried Grapes

1969, Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, vol 20, month 10, pages 619 – 621

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